Breakfast – Mood <3 Lovey dovey

While most of the Sundays I have hardly any recipes for a quick breakfast, blame the good weekends!! I ended up with this quickie to cheer up my hubby with some funkiness right in the morning!:D I guess sometimes my moods come across in the food I make. This particular day I was just in one of those awwwww moods. However I am sure you can count this simple twist on omelette a fit for those romantic occasions, anniversary special breakfast or just to make up after that fight 😉

So just a few tips from my end:

1. Small pan: Use a small pan so this loaded omelette is easy to flip. Mine got a little torn in the process.

2. Colourful veggies: Try to add some red with the tomatoes, red bell peppers with the greens of spring onion, green bell peppers.

That’s pretty much it. I am sure you already have a great recipe for Omelette 🙂



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    1. Geeee thanks!!:) This is my firstest post on this blog. BIG THANKS 😀

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