The Shoe make-over

We never have enough shoes, we never have enough clothes!

While with clothes we tend to accessories and mix and match to make them look are pretty much not versatile in that manner. They are in a way accessory…but I though why not accessories them. I must confess that I was actually bored of these flats from Bata…it’s one of those ‘value for money-no nonsense’ kinda brand. Most of us from India have grown up in Bata shoes…same blacks…same laces..for so many years!:D But we love you Bata. So I got these black flats as they are rough and tough, look girly ( I owned the red ones too 😀 ) they are good for riding bike, work, college, walking, rains et allllll! It was one of the best casual shoes for just Rs. 399 YAY! It was just time that your mind starts racing and hands start to itch to do one of those DIY projects and I spotted them. So here is how I gave my shoes a makeover!

Material you need:

The old reliable Bata shoe
The old reliable Bata shoe
  • Old pair of shoes
  • Buttons or embellishment
  • Fabric Glue/ Hot glue gun / Any of those really strong glues
  • Chalk piece


  • Make sure you two of any embellishment you choose as they go on both the shoes.
  • Make a pattern/design – I made it into a flower using 3 buttons with the pearl in the center.
  • With the chalk mark the position in which you will be pasting your embellishment.
  • Put the glue on the embellishment first and then put it down.
  • Dab out any extra glue as you try to make sure the glue doesn’t ooze out…that could look messy even if the glue is transparent.
  • Press the embellishments firmly once all your embellishments are in place.
  • Leave it to dry at least for a 2-3 hours.(Yes I know you can’t wait to try them on 😀 )
The Bata Shoes makeover
The Bata Shoes makeover



  • Pearls/Big Beads
  • Embellishments from broken earrings/necklaces/ hair pins- Always keep them, save them!
  • Lace/ Fabric – you can buy those cute flowers in colours you fancy – I definitely wanna try the polka dots next time!
  • Try putting an embellishment behind your ankle. ( I will try to do this and update the pic here 🙂
  • Stitch our the embellishment if you want to take off the embellishment if you might want to take it off (in this shoe it was possible)



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