Roses are dead :O…violets are blue! ( Focus tutorial link)

I love to shoot them, I hope you too ?:P

Sometimes it’s ok to sound silly 😀

For those like me, who are still trying to get a grasp on the basic concepts of photography I hope you will find this helpful.  I am going to come to these posts for reference. This post is a tad bit long but totally worth it. The tutor does a great job of explaining the indepth workings of the Canon’s focus system for all the range of cam models they manufacture. He also goes into the details of using the different modes. So here is a pic from my practice session after I saw this vid.

Tutorial that helped me understand focus –


So I saved the Valentines bouquet my hubby got me for I knew I would be shooting them soon. It’s always amazing to see how different subjects/objects evolve.

Today I was practicing and attempting at managing the focus manually and playing around to get the right exposure shooting in the Aperture mode and adjusting my ISO.

 I have a feeling that the Photoshop editing is a little trashy…but I wanted to try out this border effect.




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