The quick fix for all your troubles

While I am no philosopher, nor too wise either 😛

The simple guide rather proves it for I actually seem to find it quite simple, effortless and non-complicated to follow these little instructions. Anytime that I tend to find myself in a low place..I browse around this poster and it simply reminds of these simple fixes.

What do I love about this poster ?

# These things are doable…Complimenting people…always returning stuff you took from friends…everything is doable. There are no long lectures/theories or explanations.

# Makes me more thoughtful – I never gave a second thought about ‘over’ tipping breakfast waitresses! -Sure these are too specific but obviously you would take in more than that and start being more thoughtful and aware of people who work with us and for us.

#Leads to good habits –  Yes by practice I am trying to inculcate some of these fundas – ‘forgiving people’,’saying please a lot’ working on ‘must have a dog’

#Mommies me – I don’t know if you looked at your mom for some comfort when you feel low, sad or just confused..I did.

# Simplifies it  – s.i.m.p.l.e 🙂

#REMINDS : I am sure once you read all those pointers…you would think you already know these things. BUT look at that list…do you think you would think of half those things on a daily basis. But just like we have reminders and a ‘to do list’ written down, it helps to have these little lines of wealth in print.


Worth sharing if anyone discovers some joy from this piece.

Life's Little Instructions


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