Roti Sabzi Pizza!

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For those familiar with Indian cuisine, I would go on to call this the Roti Sabzi Pizza. A typical meal for lunch or dinner includes a flat bread called roti/rice with a curry(aka sabzi- literal transation would be veggies). So a Veggie pizza with whole wheat to me is quite literally a different way of twisting our roti only fermented for the fluffy base and to be topped with veggies ( no tedious cooking either 😉 with more goodness of cheese in place of the ghee/clarified butter and oil that would go in the meal prep.

Here is the recipe that has always worked for me:

Roti Sabzi Pizza:

This is how we ‘Dough’ it!: 
You need: 1 cup whole wheat flour , 3/4th cup water, 1/2 tbs yeast.
You better: test the yeast.
Knead a nice soft dough, add in oregano, chilli flakes and little olive oil if you like.
Leave this dough for an hour to rise.
If possible fluff out the air..knead for a minute and leave it in the fridge overnight. I personally felt this dough came out nicer when left in the fridge.
Top it off: 
Sabzi: Get all Sabzis you want- Capsicum, Broccoli, Onions, Bell Peppers, Spinach, Tomatoes, Baby Corn!
Mix it with some olive oil, oregano, italian seasoning mix, salt to taste.
Sauce: Can really be as simple as Tomato Puree (Not paste!) with italian seasoning and black pepper/even red chilli powder.
Grease: it with Mozzarella, personally love Parmesan too.
Pizza Base
Sprinkle some cheese again.
Bake it off!
Preheat the oven to 250 degree C
Roll it out on a parchment paper. Bake the base for 5 minutes and then turn it to 180 degrees C and cook for 3 more minutes. Now put cheese and toppings and then bake for another 3 to 5 minutes and finish off with broiling for 2 minutes.

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