The big fat meal for me and you

Come lets eat it all

All that’s served
Come lets gobble our troubles away
The potatoes too warm
to soothe
the mish mash, sticky, ugh!
the sloppy spoons, the dirt beyond.
Oh come have a crack of the chip
let’s layer it, lets dip it
it will all be fine.
Don’t dunk in the soup that slow now
it’s too hot first
and then it’s cold already
You will figure it out soon.
Come on now pass the dark chocolate
let’s cut the sugar down
I loved cocoa more anyways
matches my skin, even blends when you rub it in.
Come on now, let’s fridge the rest
loads of leftovers
we will dream about the jam and donuts too
miss the idli and appams too
it will ferment but it is due.
Oh, but eat it slow
let that food take a nice slow motioned churn all around the mouth
Savor it, the chutney, the pickles, the murrukul
the cravings come sooner that you call.

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