Isko PK dekho!


With a lot of anticipation and curiosity a lot of us waited to watch P.K. Sure it did not have anything to do with the controversial pre-release posters and marketing gigs! By now we all know the mantra, that any publicity is good publicity! A friend of mine on Facebook posted a very apt short crisp description of this movie – “Satyameva Jayate + Glamour = P.K”.

Let me begin by saying that the end of the movie reminds you of the feel good factor that Rajkumar Hirani’s movies always manage to zero in on. There almost seems to be a formula with movies like 3 Idiots and Munnabhais which we all can relate to. We love to fall in love with the Rancho, Murali Prasad Sharma a.k.a. Munna Bhai and now P.K. There are so many brilliant moments of comedy in the first half that leave you in splits and so many moments when the entire hall was clapping. The movie sets the pace within the first 15 minutes where we are all hooked to P.K’s quest of a valuable device. An alien speaking Bhojpuri, looking for god to help him as he takes us to Temples, Church, Gurudwara and the Mosque only to be more confused and lost. Jaggu(Anushka Sharma) who is a reporter looking for a big break in her career happens to spot this peculiar and strange guy wearing a yellow helmet distributing pamphlets for missing gods!. She heard his story and she sets out to help P.K in his quest. Of course there are obstacles. We have the self proclaimed Manager of God, Tapasvi Maharaj, the cliched villain, who Jaggu and P.K fight out. Yes yes! it’s all for enlightenment and a good cause. The story unwraps slowly after the second half but keeps you hooked reuniting Sarfaraz and Jaggu but breaking our Alien’s heart. P.K finds his way back home.

My only little issue with the movie is it reminded us a little too much about the other hit movie Oh My God. But I wouldn’t complaint much about that for the comedy, Aamir Khan’s acting and P.K’s character more than make up for it. Anushka Sharma’s look is so refreshing! She eased into her role and did quite a god job at it. From Band Baja Baraat to P.K, this girl sure has inched her way through a good graph. A big bow down to Aamir Khan for his immense involvement and portrayal of the character. Sanju Dada looks rather old but charming in a very forgettable role. Saurabh Shukhla is a brilliant actor, the maliciousness of his character was probably toned down to suit the mood of movie. Sushant Singh Rajput leaves an impact even with his brief appearance as Sarfaraz . Boman Irani spells his magic charm with few scenes as usual. It’s a treat to watch such a nicely packaged star cast.The movie does make you think. Raising questions about our blind and ardent faith in religious rituals and beliefs. There are some beautiful bits where old songs are plugged in, one that I particularly recall is the Mukesh song ” Aasmaan Pe Hai Khua Aur Zameen Pe Hum”. Overall this feel good movie did the work as the audience in the theater clapped and left the theater with smiles.


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