H 4 Holidays?

If only I knew that my stay on the H4 visa was not permanent I would have enjoyed it a lot more. But that was the end of my story not the beginning.

The Arrival:
Was sweet. Yay! the U.S.A, a foreign country man! How cool is that. I mean so what if I left behind a 7 years career in the media back in India, just after I was promoted but that’s all in the past. It was my decision and I went with my priorities. I felt like stepping into a new phase of life rather than leaving behind the place and people who you knew. Blah blah blah…and you know it all changes the first day your husband leaves for work and you are trying to open those blinds, stare around from your balcony, not even sure which side of the road to walk on, unpacking your stuff, already thinking I have to shop all over again, what to cook for dinner..going through all the kitchen drawers finding your space and making your way into your new life.
The second day, you settle down after the jet lag and all of that..you probably went grocery shopping last evening and yay! you have peanut butter, the American Peanut butter man! Then. You call home. Doesn’t matter who. You realize how far, far away you are. Second day is hard. They ask you how America is, you blabber but that feeling sets in. It did for me. That I am no more in my zone. And when your hubby comes that evening you know it’s all worth it.

The Stay:
It’s so much about the perspective. From where I see this story. Sitting in Sydney, 6 months after I left the U.S it has changed. After settling in enjoying a month of break I started off job hunting for H1 sponsored jobs. No luck. So that din’t go well. Not being from I.T industry was actually a disadvantage when I came to the U.S i realized. I got tired of the hunt and the frustration.

The Holiday:
When I look back now, I did all the things that I never had the time to. And that’s what I wanted to jot down in this post to remind myself of the best memories when I spent time doing things I really loved.


The Departure:

It’s no more about you, your decision, why you decided this, what it was worth


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