ChickpeasPatty Day23/365

<a href="”> Once you have a good camera, you just about want to make everything look pretty and shoot it! Advertisements

Weekday Dinner

When Wednesdays seem borrrinnggg I try to splash a little color in my plate 😀 Made a veggie wrap with the Roti ( very similar to Tortilla) with veggies and cottage cheese.

TableTopped Day19/365

<a href="”> As I am getting used to my DSLR..anything and everything right now is fascinating:) I struggled a little get th eright exposure using a tungsten lamp and also adjusting the ISO and other settings on the cam.

The Cheap Thrills Project!

On of the boring days as I was strolling through the Dollar store near our house…These candle holders shouted out to me ‘PICK ME UP!!’ Boy could I ignore it? So that’s how this project evolved. It’s pretty much self explanatory so I am just listing the cost of the project.   The only variation…

scooter Day16/365

<a href="”> Catching up with the 365 project on the scooterrrrrrrrrr 😀