Mrs. Brush (Day 12/365)

<a href="”> Mrs. Brush. She dressed. She brushed. She moved around to get the right light. She even through a photo shop surgery. Her lipstick is smudged and hair a little unkempt but she feels ‘pretty’-good.

The quick fix for all your troubles

While I am no philosopher, nor too wise either 😛 The simple guide rather proves it for I actually seem to find it quite simple, effortless and non-complicated to follow these little instructions. Anytime that I tend to find myself in a low place..I browse around this poster and it simply reminds of these simple…

Starrynight Day10/365

As I scouted for some free textures on flickr…here is what it resulted in. 🙂

Desaturated me. Day 7/365

Trying a black and white edit. I have lost some details in the whites but I wasn’t sure how to get the high toned white otherwise. It’s so much more than just clicking on ‘desaturate’ Had fun doing i t:)

Shine on you lazy diamond Day 5/365

Nice to meet you again mr. or ms. Photoshop. I am editing with textures again. I remember reaching a happy place with it once before…so trying to get there again. Settings: 1/13ƒ/5ISO 64060 mm

Love in the jungle day3/365

And just like that as we roamed in the quiet the grey tones this colourful piece of art caught our eyes.   Settings: 1/120ƒ/2.8ISO 803.9 mm Clicked with iPhone.

Rosed in – Day2/365

Another shot from the ‘Roses are dead’ series.    Tutorial that helped me understand focus – Settings: 1/15ƒ/6.3ISO 400187 mm

Roses are dead :O…violets are blue! ( Focus tutorial link)

I love to shoot them, I hope you too ?:P Sometimes it’s ok to sound silly 😀 For those like me, who are still trying to get a grasp on the basic concepts of photography I hope you will find this helpful.  I am going to come to these posts for reference. This post is…